Cashmere/Tussah Silk/Polwarth  1/3 each Custom Blended Combed Top  5.15 oz.  High Society

Cashmere/Tussah Silk/Polwarth 1/3 each Custom Blended Combed Top 5.15 oz. High Society

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1/3  Cashmere, 1/3  Tussah silk,  1/3 Polwarth custom blend hand dyed combed top. 

5.15 ounces   

High Society -   gradient color way

POLWARTH - A very old breed developed in Australia, quarter Lincoln and three quarter Merino. This breed is now found in Australia, New Zealand and Falkland Islands, with this Polwarth sourced from the Falkland Islands. This wool has good bulk, and is very soft and silky. The wool is 21-24 Micron and an average length of 80mm. 

Cashmere - in its de-haired form, is considered to be the most luxurious fiber currently available in commercial quantities, second only to Vicuna and Guanaco. The Cashmere is a goat, which produces a coat with two distinct layers; a fine body or under hair and a long, strong coarse outer hair, known as guard-hair. The fiber is collected by combing the animal. It is the short fine body hair which is so highly prized, being finer than the finest wool/animal hair at around 14-18 Microns, with a very soft handle

Tussah Silk Top-  wild silk  produced by worms who mainly eat juniper and oak leaves. There is no controlled environment. The silk tends to be coarser and less lustrous than Mulberry silk which is a cultivated controlled environment silk. 

DYES: This combed top may retain some residual color from the dyeing process. Washing will not affect the level of color in your fiber. Since heavy metals are not used in these dyes some colors such as pink and turquoise may run slightly when washed. This is not a matter of too much dye being used. I recommend washing all hand dyed items separately never ever in hot water.

WASHING: For washing this fiber please use room temperature water. Do not use hot water. Cool water is preferred for washing and or rinsing. Never ever ever use hot water on silks. Cashmere can felt easily with hot water and friction. Water temperature matters!!!

PHOTOGRAPHS: All photographs have been done with iphone 13 and an Ott light. PLEASE NOTE - that I have NO control over the differences from color monitor to color monitor or the brightness of your lighting in your computer.

STORAGE: All fiber is braided and sealed in plastic. This is great for saving space and for easy transport. If you are going to store your fiber, store it loosely and allow it to breathe. Otherwise wool can compress and even felt if left sealed in plastic. It is best to store away from heat, sunlight, and moisture.

My business is in my cat friendly smoke free home. The cats do not go into the fiber or dye studio. They have opinions about that.