Bunny Noses:  Custom Mill Blend 5.16 Ounces

Bunny Noses: Custom Mill Blend 5.16 Ounces

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Bunny Noses Sock Blend

25% SW Merino, 25% Bio-Nylon, 25% Corriedale, 17.5% 25 Micron merino, 7.5% Stellina. Commercially dyed and blended to my specifications into this unique combed top. I am calling it a sock blend due to the 25% nylon within the blend but this can be used for a myriad of other projects. Please do not rinse or wash in anything but cold water!

The image has been done with flash photography. The picture is representative of all the Bunny Noses sock blend braids and most likely is not the exact one you will be ordering.

5.16 ounces 

Corriedale  -  has wonderful crimp and a soft handle. 25 - 30 micron. Staple length is 80 - 120 mm. This wool is from new Zealand.

Superwash Merino Wool Top - natural color, staple length averages 75-80 mm, micron 23. This Merino is from South Africa (Cape) or South America depending on availability and is from non-mulsed sheep. This is a superwash merino

Bio- Nylon - manmade fiber commonly used to add strength and resilience and wearability to sock blends. This particular nylon is 3 denier, 88 mm length and eco friendly and vegan. It is biodegradable and manufactured by recycling processed water.

StellinaStellina is a fairly new fibre made from polyester and nylon. Very similar to Angelina fiber.

Merino - 25 micron, staple length is 75 - 80mm  and is from South Africa (Cape) or South America depending on availability and is from non-mulsed sheep.

DYES: This combed top may retain some residual color from the dyeing process. Washing will not affect the level of color in your fiber. Since heavy metals are not used in these dyes some colors such as pink and turquoise may run slightly when washed. This is not a matter of too much dye being used. I recommend washing all hand dyed items separately.

WASHING: For washing this fiber please use room temperature water. Please do NOT agitate which can and will felt wool. You may use a wool wash if you wish. If water is warm at all please let cool to room temp before removing fiber. 

PHOTOGRAPHS: All photographs have been done with a flash setting. Please note that flash does make silk sparkle and can lighten the photo. I have made adjustments through a photo edit service to have the best color accuracy. PLEASE NOTE - that I have NO control over the differences from color monitor to color monitor. Mine is calibrated for color but that is not going to make your monitor more accurate or the brightness of your lighting in your computer.

STORAGE: All fiber is braided and sealed in plastic. This is great for saving space and for easy transport. If you are going to store your fiber, store it loosely and allow it to breathe. Otherwise wool can compress and even felt if left sealed in plastic. It is best to store away from heat, sunlight, and moisture.

My business is in a cat friendly smoke free environment. My cat is not allowed in the dye studio or the fiber room. He has a lot to say about that.